"​In God / Good We Trust"
Truitt for President 2016
"Truth & Justice for All" ​
"World Peace & Prosperity"
"Universal Positive Changes for Future Generations"
"​Dr.Truitt Champions Human Rights and Ethical Values!"
Self-Government by the People!​

Americans can restore the Character and Spirit of America –
one good citizen - and one less bad politician - at a time!​

We the People have the Constitutional Power and Authority to make positive changes to the Character and Spirit of America!

Nature’s Laws are good, just, universal, and eternal.

Moral and ethical principles are unchanging and universal – central to all human beings.

Principles are abstract truths applicable to all times; the Constitution was founded on these truths!!

Independent candidate for President, Paul Truitt - if elected -  will return the power to self-govern to the people!

With their consent, President Truitt will sign an executive order that will give the People Power:

• to reform the election process;

• to consent to new laws and repeal old laws;

• to create and/or dissolve federal regulatory agencies;

• to regulate the salaries and benefits of elected officials;

• to appoint and/or dismiss federal judges;

• to disqualify political candidates;

• to terminate the employment of any federal employee; and,

• to amend the Constitution.


President Truitt and his All-Star Presidential Team will restore the Spirit and Character of America!

His Team of Good and Just Public Servants will accomplish this by:

1) eliminating government corruption and domestic terrorism;

(2) restoring the founding principles of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and,

(3) restoring the universal and unchanging guiding moral and ethical principles that are necessary for the growth, health, and happiness of all human beings.

All people of the world are of different blood and flesh; however, Mankind is connected by a universal, incorporeal, and intellectual spirit – an inherent human nature common to all! 

Mankind has always been able - by natural and divine principles - to evolve and become better!
All people become healthier and happier when their spirit is guided by a higher power! 

An Ideal State, a Republic, will: give the poor a hand-up; give the willing-and-able an opportunty to become the best that they can be; promote good; and, abolish evil.

The size of the government will naturally depend on the character of the citizens and the elected officials that represent the citizens. The more corrupt the government becomes – the bigger it gets. As the character virtues of governed and their representatives grows - fewer laws are needed.

The most important moral law of any society commands its citizens to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. This law of God and Nature is necessary for its citizens to overcome ignorance and to satisfy all other human needs!!
Paul Truitt’s first Executive Order (with the consent of the People) will require politicians, the media, and public servants to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth under the penalties of perjury!
Since "telling the truth" is a Universal and Unchanging Principle - and a Law of Nature and Nature's Creator --- every human being has the natural right to Know and Understand the Truth --- every human being has a Natural Obligation to Tell the Truth!!

The people need to make educated choices in selecting representatives - and all citizens need to be proactive in promoting Good and abolishing Evil.

The People have choices:

(1) The people can do nothing but criticize, condemn, and complain; 

(2) The people can remain apathetic and silent; or,

(3) The people can unite, be proactive, and synergistically make positive changes!
The United States of America is a Republic: a Republic is self-governed by the People, for the People, and by the consent of the People.

“Only Good and Just Citizens – pulling on the same end of the rope – have the power to restore Family Values, Moral Behavior, and Character Virtues to a Nation!!” – Paul E. Truitt, DVM
“Work ethics, moral order, and character virtues pave the road to growth, health, and happiness – for an individual and a nation!!!” – Paul E. Truitt, DVM

Our Great Nation has gotten off-track and Paul E. Truitt, DVM and his All-Star Presidential Executive Team know how to restore the Family Values and Character Virtues to America.

“Love is the gifting of oneself to meet the needs of another – with the growth, health, and happiness of the loved one as the ultimate concern!” – Paul E. Truitt, DVM

Dr. Truitt knows how to create growth, health, and happiness of all Americans!

All citizens will be given an equal opportunity to be the best that they can be!!

We the People are the only ones who can restore the Good Spirit and Excellent Character of America. Paul Truitt is an independent, non-party candidate for POTUS; he is giving Americans an opportunity to take back their government – a government that has become corrupt and is exploiting America. We first need to get back in touch with Reality and the Truth.
“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to act is to act.” - Dietrich Bonhoeffer - a Christian pastor who led an attempt against Hitler during World War II.

Faith and prayer - without good deeds - are useless!!!!

James 3:17 NIV - If anyone knows the good they ought to do, and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.

James 2:26 NIV - As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.

If you are a good, just, and sane person of excellent character - and will be proactive against the wrongdoing in our world – we want you to join "GOD" (GLOBAL OFFENSE & DEFENSE) in a united global effort to promote Good and abolish Evil!  

Every good and just citizen can be a significant player in making the world a better place!!! 

Even if you are not a good, just, and sane person, we will show you how to make positive changes in your life, build character virtues,and living a healthier and happier life!
If elected POTUS, Paul E. Truitt, DVM and his All-Star Presidential Executive Team will channel the power and authority of the Executive Branch to the good, just, and sane People of America – not to the DNC, the GOP, or any other special interest!!

Under the leadership of Dr. Paul E. Truitt, the Executive Branch of Government will return the right to self-government to good and just people!
Dr. Paul E. Truitt will lead an All-Star Team of Ethical Professionals that will restore Family Values and Character to America!
Under the leadership of Dr. Truitt, the People by frequent electronic voting - will have the power to self-govern - not just vote for self-serving politicians once every 2, 4, or 6 years!
The All-Star Presidential Executive Team will channel the powers of the Executive Office of the President to the People and give the People the power to control and regulate their government! 
Our All-Star Presidential Executive Team!​

A Republic is Self-Governed by the People via Frequent Voting!​

People who champion universal human rights and ethical values; have a good-spirit; have excellent character virtues; and, are proactive - are invited to join the Our Team and to give "GOD" a hand!!!!
The United States of America is a Republic; however,  the United States Government has morphed into a hybred Oligarchy X Tyranny that is openly masquarading as a Corrupt Democracy!!!!
Under the leadership of President Truitt, the Executive Branch of Government will return the right to self-govern to the good and just majority!
Under the leadership of President Truitt, the People will have the power to government on a continual basis via frequent voting on important ethical issues and law enforcement policies!
THE GOLDEN MEAN: THE MIDDLE WAY is the only road to Growth, Health, and Happiness!!

Greed and Sloth are called deadly sins for a reason!

The reason that American has prospered is the hard work and excellent character of the middle class.

Greed and Sloth are causing the middle class and the “Middle Way” to disappear.

Work ethics, character virtues, the middle class, and the “Middle Way” are the corner stones of America.

It is time for America to get back in touch with reality! It is time that we start restoring the character of our citizens, our government, and the entire nation!

Our children are our most precious asset!!!! We have the duty and responsibility to educate and train our children to their fullest potential!

Work Ethics & Character Virtues pave the road to growth, health, and happiness!
“The Spirit of God in our souls gives us the courage, self-discipline, wisdom, and character to stand-up to wrongdoing – even when it appears to be an overwhelming battle – and when you are the only one willing to stand-up and fight!” – Paul E. Truitt, DVM

Family, friends, and good neighbors are divine and essential gifts; therefore -love God - love your neighbors, family, and friends – and love yourself!!!

“Love is the gifting of oneself to meet the needs of another – with the growth, health, and happiness of the loved one as the ultimate concern!” – Paul E. Truitt, DVM

Basic human needs are interpersonal and interdependent. We all need a good spirit, good character, family, and friends! Because the Great Spirit is always with us, we are never alone! The Great Spirit loves us in ways that we cannot comprehend!!

Courage, Temperance (Discipline), Knowledge/Wisdom, and Justice/Prudence are the Cardinal Virtues that are necessary for a good and just society!

Character Virtues, Family/Friends, Good Health, and Sufficient Wealth are essential for a life well-lived - Growth, Health and Happiness!

"True Faith is: to Trust in the Spirit of God in your soul and to be led by the Spirit of Good; which gives you the wisdom not to be misled by man!" - Paul E. Truitt, DVM
How can we legally defeat evil-doing????
Evil plays by no rules; therefore, Evil has an overwhelming and unfair advantage over Good. 
When Evil drags you down to it level, you may be forced to play by its rules.
In order to eliminate corrupt government officials and perverted special interest groups, covert members of the Truitt Presidential Executive Team will:
(1) play by their rules when necessary to serve and protect the citizens of the USA;

(2) covertly infiltrate corrupt government agencies and other terroristic groups;

(3) publicly exposed wrongdoers; and,

(4) prosecute corrupt government officials and other terrorists to the fullest extent of the law!
Both Major Political Parties have gotten very efficient in covertly infiltrating and publicly exposing their opponents; however, because of the widespread corruption in our government - Congress, the Judicial System, and the Executive Branch of Government often ignore wrongdoing in fear of exposing themselves.

Corrupt government officials intentionally compound the wrongdoing by egregiously ignoring and failing to enforce laws - and by failing to follow the Rule of Law!!!
Unity of Nature's Variety - God's Plan!​

All God's Good and Just People of the World Must Unite!!!​


ALL THINGS tend toward a state of disorder - it take energy/work to restore order and to create something even better than the sum of the parts! The Ideal State is collectively the union of good and just citizens; citizens that must elect good and just leaders!

Since, all citizens are not good and just - and all leaders are not good and just - our Forefathers framed the Constitution to prevent a wealthy few - or a tyrannical majority from gaining control the new nation!  

A silent, apathetic moral majority will naturely allow the wealthy and corrupt politicians and/or religious leaders take control of their country. A nation controlled by corrupt  leaders naturally results in INCOME INEQUALITY and WEALTH INEQUALITY. This makes it difficult or impossible for the lower class to meet their INNATE NEEDS. The lower class will becomes the majority and they will rebel out of necessity! This results in a divided democratic government that is ruled by an impoverished majority and/or mob rule - which end in civil unrest and rebellion.

The primary concern of the Framers of the Constitution was to guard against the greedy wealthy and/or a tyrannical majority from unjustly taking control of the nation; therefore, they incorporated a system of checks and balances into the Constitution. However, it probably never crossed their minds that the moral majority would become apathetic and/or lazy - brained washed by the political elite into believing that Nature's God and/or their government would meet all their needs and protect them from their enemies; and, all that they had to do was pray, let their God and/or their government destroy their enemies and provide for their needs!!


Step # 1: If you are a person of "excellent" character and "great" spirit and if you will be proactive against the evil forces of the world, we want you on Our Team!
Step # 2: Each member of the Our Team will be asked to form a covert proactive coalition of voters; each member of each coalition will then be asked to form additional coalitions. The ultimate goal is to recruit all the good, just, and sane citizens of the USA!! The strategic goal is to have covert teams in every town, county, district, state, and government agency in the USA.

Our Team will provide world leadership!​
Step # 3: Any and all members the teams will be covertly proactive in the election of the POTUS; and, in the selection of an All-Star Presidential Executive Team!!!!
Step # 4: Once Dr. Truitt is elected President, members of Our Team will be given the opportunity to select Cabinet Members and other key executive positions; to develop executive policies that are grounded in unversal and unchanging truths/principles; and, to approve or veto executive orders! 

Step # 5: The All-Star Presidential Executive Team will educate, mentor, and guide the employees (currently over 4 million) of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government and represent the United States in a global effort to eliminate corrupt government, terrorism, and other inhumane and perverted religious, business, and political practices!
Step # 6:  A Global Humanitarian and Ethical Coalition (God's Team) from all nations will be formed to reform and/or enact new Universal Humanitarian and Ethical Laws!!!!
Step # 7: Finally - a Global Offense and Defense from all nations will unite to enforce Universal Humanitarian and Human Rights Laws!
Nature’s Unity of Variety - God's Plan!
“There will be a great multitude that no one could count - from every nation, tribe, people and language -standing together united as one people – the Seal/Spirit of God will be firmly placed in their minds, hearts, and souls ––
Revealing the Beast with Many Heads, Horns, and Crowns:
“My Divinely Inspired Interpretation of THE REVELATION”
by Paul E. Truitt, DVM
Only Hard Work, Truth, and Justice will Restore the Character of America​
“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to act is to act.” - Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a Christian pastor who led an attempt against Hitler during World War II.
Greed is called a deadly sin for a reason! The reason that American has survived is the hard work and excellent character of the middle class. Greed and Sloth are causing the middle class and the “Middle Way” to disappear. Work ethics, character virtues, the middle class, and the “Middle Way” are the corner stones of America.
America's founders set up a Republic! Socrates called a Republic - the Ideal State.

However, Socrates warned that if this form of government becomes corrupt, it declines into a timocracy; then it falls into an oligarchy; which declines into a democracy; which decays into a tyranny!

America has declined into a hybrid oligarchy X democracy; which is rapidly turning into a tyrannical form of government  controlled by corrupt regulatory bureaucracies at all levels.
The GOP does not embrace Republican values, the GOP embraces Capitalism; which is another term for Greed. Donald Trump is a perfect example of Greed/Capitalism. The reality is that Capitalism has become a cut-throat game of Monopoly. And in Monopoly the only winner is the one that ends up with all the money and property. When that happens - Game Over!!!
A Republic is governed by a Republican Form of Government – a nation self-governed directly by the Citizens!! However, our corrupt and lawless two-party system has taken control of the government and the election process. The citizens no longer have a viable way to regain control of their government.

Our corrupt government does not want the citizens to regain their power to regulate them!!

However, if elected, Paul Truitt will return the power to govern - and give consent - to the People!!This can be realized by frequent, universal, direct electronic voting!!

One successful political ploy to control good and just citizens is divide them into sub-cultures.
Like Nature's apex predators, politicians look for weak and vulnerable prey - then target them.

Religious and political predators sow discord, racism, bigotry, deceit, and hatred among the divided good (prey)!!! Evil-spirited people do not play by any rules!

Terrorists – domestic and foreign – are nothing more than psychopaths; they are usually part of well-organized religious and political crime schemes!

The Character and Spirit of a Nation will die when apathy, bigotry, hatred, and ignorance flourishes. Many Americans have lost touch with Reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only hard work, truth, and justice will restore the excellent character and the great spirit of America!!
“God - and good-spirited people - do not divide people by gender, race, religion, nationality, class, wealth, or political ideology. The Spirit of Good in us only judges a person by the fruit of their spirit. The Great Spirit that gives us Life is only concerned with the quality of a person’s spirit!!!”
– Paul E. Truitt, DVM
Paul E. Truitt, DVM is a wise and intelligent third party choice for President! 
Paul E. Truitt, DVM has new and effective solutions to remedy government corruption, terrorism, and illegal entry into the USA!
Good people are the hands of the Great Spirit! Good people love each other by serving God!!
Apathy and Sloth are deadly flaws in the human soul!! Good people cannot just sit back and do nothing and expect God to save their families, friends, and nation!
All the good and just people of the world must unite, be proactive, and make positive changes!!
If elected POTUS, Paul E. Truitt and his All-Star Presidential Executive Team (selected by the people) will channel the power and authority of the Executive Branch to the good and just People of America – not to the DNC, GOP, or any other special interest!!
“Love is the gifting of oneself to meet the needs of another – with the growth, health, and happiness of the loved one as the ultimate concern!” – Paul E. Truitt, DVM
Proactive Tactics: Make the World a better place by taking one positive change after another!!!!
Mission: Truth, Justice, Peace, Prosperity, and Dignity for All Good People!!
Americans have always trusted in the Great Spirit - God - the Spirit of Good!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Truitt for President 2016
President Truitt's All-Star Presidential Executive Team will:
enforce the "Rule of Law & Order"
see that the laws are faithfully executed
protect your rights and gratify your innate needs
enrich your growth, health, and happiness
enable the People to govern their elected administrators
preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution
serve and protect the People with all our bodies, hearts, minds, and  souls!
[*The All-Star Members of the Presidential Executive Team will include a diverse team of courageous, disciplined, wise, and prudent leaders!]
In God / the Spirit of Good We Trust!
Truth and Justice for All!!

Government Corruption is the # 1 threat to American!

Domestic Terrorism is the # 2 threat to America!

Global Terrorism is the # 3! 
These three predatory diseases are closely related!
Dr. Truitt and his team have effective remedies for all three!!
Paul E. Truitt, DVM has the integrity and excellent character that America wants and needs in a leader!!!!
Paul E. Truitt, DVM and his team have positive solutions!
Paul E. Truitt, DVM and his team have “specific and credible intelligence”!
Paul E. Truitt, DVM is the best qualified candidate for POTUS. 
President Truitt's All-Star Presidential Executive Team will form a Global Humanitarian and Ethics Coalition that will end global terrorism of all kinds - including corrupt government practices such as warmongering!!
All good and just people of the World must unite and proactively work as a team for the universal good of all.
We must learn from experience - and use practical wisdom - to  teach future generations. We have an obligation and duty  to teach our children how to meet their needs in natural and healthy ways.
Paul E. Truitt, DVM has the integrity, foresight, character, education, experience,  intelligence, and practical wisdom to lead good and just people in a direction that will bring Truth and Justice to all Americans; and,  Peace and Prosperty to all good and just human being of all nations!! 
Paul E. Truitt, DVM have the gifts and talents necessary to select and guide an all-star team of ethical professionals in a way that will heal our great nation. 
Paul E. Truitt, DVM and his team players will recruit talented and spiritually gifted professionals to be on an  All-Star Presidential Executive Team. Our All-Star Team will serve and protect all Good & Just People with all their bodies, minds, hearts, and souls!"

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We the People

Executive Branch

A Republic is Self- governed by the People

President + an Executive Team of Four Million

Citizens eighteen (18) and older can vote.
You don’t have to pay (a poll tax) to vote. 
Any lawful citizen can vote. 
What are the promises  United States citizens make? 
▪  give up loyalty to other countries 
▪  defend the Constitution and laws of the United States 
▪  obey the laws of the United States
▪  serve in the U.S. military (if needed)
▪  serve (do important work for) the nation (if needed)
▪  be loyal to the United States
The President is the Military's Commander-in-Chief.
The President signs bills into laws. 
The President has the power to veto bills.
The President takes an oath to uphold the  Constitution.
The Executive Branch has the duty and responsibility to implement and enforce the laws of the land.
All government employees are "servants" and "guardians" of the People.
The primary duty of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government is to protect the rights of the People from foreign and domestic threats.

Legislative Branch

Judicial Branch

Congress - House of Representatives & Senate

Supreme Court

Congressemen represent the people of their states.
Congress  makes federal laws.
Under our Constitution the states: 
(1)  provide schooling and education;
(2)  provide protection (police);
(3)  provide safety (fire departments);
(4)  give a driver’s license; and,
(5)  approve zoning and land use.
The Judicial Branch:
▪  reviews laws 
▪  explains laws 
▪  resolves legal disputes (disagreements) 
▪  decides if a law goes against the Constitution
The Supreme Court  is the highest court in the USA.
There are nine (9) Supreme Court Justices.
Rule of Law
 What is the “rule of law”? 
▪  Everyone must follow the law. 
▪  Leaders must obey the law. 
▪  Government must obey the law.  
▪  No one is above the law.